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Residency Permit due to In-Company Assignment, Article 73 of the Spanish Law of Entrepreneurs 14/2013 of September 27, concerning entrepreneurship support and internationalization

With this Residency Permit, the employee can maintain their original employment contract while being assigned to Spain, temporarily providing services to a company of the same group or under a service agreement with their company. This via might be the substitute for the Work Authorization as a result of Transnational Provision of Services established by the general immigration legal scheme, because the requirements are much simpler and the resolution commitment on the authorities’ behalf is only 20 days. It is necessary to analyse each case in order to determine if social security is covered by an international agreement or if the hiring company must pay contributions to Spain for the assigned employee.

Likewise, this via offers the possibility of doing the paperwork while being already in Spain. The person concerned can also stay in their home country and obtain a visa once the residency permit has been granted. This via is quite interesting due to the effectiveness and flexibility of the necessary paperwork.

Their family will be able to enter Spain thanks to the simultaneous grant of their residency permits, although they might also request their permits after their arrival in Spain.

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